It’s been a long day of pre-operative testing, but I’ve been cleared for surgery tomorrow morning. I survived the claustrophobia of my first MRI by reciting poetry throughout the thirty-minute procedure. Echocardiogram and bloodwork all came back normal. I’m ready.

All that’s left to say is I love you all. Family, co-workers and friends, thank you for the support and encouragement. I’ve been deeply moved by your eagerness to comfort me during this difficult time. After my recovery, I hope to reconnect with each of you. I’m so grateful.

There is comfort in surrendering to what lies beyond one’s control. Whatever the outcome of tomorrow’s procedure, I am at peace. God shall win.

I leave you with a short poem by Yeats. See you soon.

The Four Ages of Men

He with body waged a fight,
But body won; it walks upright.

Then he struggled with the heart;
Innocence and peace depart.

Then he struggled with the mind;
His proud heart he left behind.

Now his wars on God begin;
At stroke of midnight God shall win.



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