Poem: Nunc Dimittis

Dismissed, but not summoned. No vision stays the advancing numbness. Insensibility without release, like a coma. If only souls were fungible; numerical superfluity restored Job’s stolen joy, but for alterity there is no substitute: all-singular, all- wondrous, all-you— all gone. Those incorrigible ringlets around your temples, the quiet dignity of your refusal, the childish rapture … Continue reading Poem: Nunc Dimittis

Confessions of an Enneagram 4

Disclaimer: everything about this post personifies “4-ness.” Overly-indulgent self-examination, grandiose self-importance and cringeworthy self-obsession. In my defense, self-knowledge lies at the heart of the Western and Christian traditions. The Delphic maxim “γνῶθι σεαυτόν,” or “Know Thyself,” was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. It supplied Socrates with his characteristic methodology and infused the … Continue reading Confessions of an Enneagram 4

Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology

I have written elsewhere about the compatibility of Christianity and tragedy. The more of life I experience, the more confident I am that Christianity not only conforms to the criteria of tragedy but is in fact constitutive of tragedy and furnishes its defining attributes. The following are additional thoughts on how to develop these themes. … Continue reading Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology


Uncertainty abounds, enveloping life in muddled obscurity. People, circumstances and even our physical bodies undermine our intentions with capricious and unpredictable irregularities. It’s no wonder that we cherish definitive experiences that render absolute judgments. These often present themselves as disappointments, unforeseen ruptures that inflexibly intrude upon our lives. Only in death, says Emerson, do we … Continue reading Defeat

Blessed Forgetfulness

"Oh, in case thou, in deep distress, perhaps in distress for thy future, thy life’s happiness, hast ever heartily wished to forget something; a disappointed expectation, a shattered hope, a bitter and embittering memory; or in case thou, in anxiety, alas, for thy soul’s salvation, hast wished still more heartily to forget something: anguish at … Continue reading Blessed Forgetfulness