Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology

I have written elsewhere about the compatibility of Christianity and tragedy. The more of life I experience, the more confident I am that Christianity not only conforms to the criteria of tragedy but is in fact constitutive of tragedy and furnishes its defining attributes. The following are additional thoughts on how to develop these themes. … Continue reading Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology

Blessed Forgetfulness

"Oh, in case thou, in deep distress, perhaps in distress for thy future, thy life’s happiness, hast ever heartily wished to forget something; a disappointed expectation, a shattered hope, a bitter and embittering memory; or in case thou, in anxiety, alas, for thy soul’s salvation, hast wished still more heartily to forget something: anguish at … Continue reading Blessed Forgetfulness

Divine Command Theory and The Problem of Evil

The classic construal of the problem of evil raises the question of the logical compatibility and evidential probability of God’s existence given the conspicuous prevalence of human and animal suffering. In this paper, I wish to address objections to God’s existence based on the contention that the prevalence of suffering is logically incompatible with an … Continue reading Divine Command Theory and The Problem of Evil

Wittgenstein on Ethics and Faith

In his few published remarks concerning the nature of religious faith, Wittgenstein calls into question the function of historical events in the grounding of religious convictions. In a series of lectures and notebook entries dating from the decade between 1930 and 1940, he argues that language operates uniquely when used to communicate ideas of religious … Continue reading Wittgenstein on Ethics and Faith

Surprised by Failure: C.S. Lewis on Art and Desire

Of all my boyhood memories, one particular kind of youthful sensation remains especially vivid in my mind. As a child I frequently experienced moments of intense longing that I can best describe as artistic desire. I would respond to this nebulous urgency by gathering together an assortment of art supplies – crayons, colored pencils, pastels, … Continue reading Surprised by Failure: C.S. Lewis on Art and Desire