Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology

I have written elsewhere about the compatibility of Christianity and tragedy. The more of life I experience, the more confident I am that Christianity not only conforms to the criteria of tragedy but is in fact constitutive of tragedy and furnishes its defining attributes. The following are additional thoughts on how to develop these themes. … Continue reading Disjointed Theses Towards a Tragic Theology

The Rise of Materialism and the Roots of Despair

Materialism and despair

Our ethical commitments, aesthetic ambitions, and devotion to civil ideals lose their logical force and allure when subjected to the constraints of materialism, and if Secular Humanists wish to live authentically and with intellectual integrity they must recognize the limitations their uncompromising view imposes upon our activity.

Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect

Evangelical supporters of Trump are quick to note that he is the most electable conservative candidate running for president, which in their minds justifies supporting an odious, ill mannered and unprincipled buffoon such as him. More convincingly, many evangelicals view Trump’s ostensible defense of unborn life as forming the grounds of a moral obligation to … Continue reading Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect