Can Transgenderism Ever Be Scientific?

The Texas Legislature is currently battling over a bill that would require persons identifying as transgendered to use single-stalled restrooms at public schools rather than the multiple-stalled facilities of their choosing. Conservative members of the Senate passed this modest imposition, but democrats and liberal republicans in the House are responding with indignant outrage. By now … Continue reading Can Transgenderism Ever Be Scientific?

Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect

Evangelical supporters of Trump are quick to note that he is the most electable conservative candidate running for president, which in their minds justifies supporting an odious, ill mannered and unprincipled buffoon such as him. More convincingly, many evangelicals view Trump’s ostensible defense of unborn life as forming the grounds of a moral obligation to … Continue reading Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect

A Subtle Deceit – Self-Evidency and the Declaration

  What sorts of things are self-evident? In logic, propositions are generally divided into two types: analytic and synthetic. Most analytic propositions contain subjects that necessarily entail the predicated attribute and are therefore tautological. For instance, “all bachelors are single” is an analytic proposition because the subject bachelor already denotes the quality of singleness ascribed … Continue reading A Subtle Deceit – Self-Evidency and the Declaration