Can Transgenderism Ever Be Scientific?

The Texas Legislature is currently battling over a bill that would require persons identifying as transgendered to use single-stalled restrooms at public schools rather than the multiple-stalled facilities of their choosing. Conservative members of the Senate passed this modest imposition, but democrats and liberal republicans in the House are responding with indignant outrage. By now … Continue reading Can Transgenderism Ever Be Scientific?

Recovering the Sacred: Heidegger, The Thing and the Work of Art

“Homelessness is coming to be the destiny of the world.”                   – Letter on Humanism               What remnant of the sacred – a once dominant theme in Western civilization – remains open to us in the twenty-first century? Has our increasingly secular age relegated the sacred to obscurity and irrelevance, or does it still … Continue reading Recovering the Sacred: Heidegger, The Thing and the Work of Art

Reasonable Faith – Thoughts on Wittgenstein

All too often our culture tends to regard the rigors of the natural sciences and secular philosophy as standing in opposition to faith. As science continues to expand our understanding of the universe it appears to free us of any need for faith-based explanations of existence. Analytic philosophy – the dominate branch of the tradition … Continue reading Reasonable Faith – Thoughts on Wittgenstein