Celebrations and frustrations

Last week provided occasions for both relief and renewed anxiety. With surgery now almost a month behind me, I am beginning to absorb the long-term repercussions of the procedure. My surgery followed so quickly after my diagnosis that it left me little time to process what was happening. Now, with a better appreciation of the … Continue reading Celebrations and frustrations


It’s been a long day of pre-operative testing, but I’ve been cleared for surgery tomorrow morning. I survived the claustrophobia of my first MRI by reciting poetry throughout the thirty-minute procedure. Echocardiogram and bloodwork all came back normal. I’m ready. All that’s left to say is I love you all. Family, co-workers and friends, thank … Continue reading Ready

First contact and a bit of Plato

Asclepius was the Greek god of curing illnesses, and scholars generally interpret Socrates as meaning that death was a kind of healing from the trials of life for which he owed Asclepius a debt. This interpretation perfectly accords with the rest of the dialogue in which Socrates argues for the immortality of the soul and the advantages of entering the afterlife.

Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect

Evangelical supporters of Trump are quick to note that he is the most electable conservative candidate running for president, which in their minds justifies supporting an odious, ill mannered and unprincipled buffoon such as him. More convincingly, many evangelicals view Trump’s ostensible defense of unborn life as forming the grounds of a moral obligation to … Continue reading Trump, Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect

Divine Command Theory and The Problem of Evil

The classic construal of the problem of evil raises the question of the logical compatibility and evidential probability of God’s existence given the conspicuous prevalence of human and animal suffering. In this paper, I wish to address objections to God’s existence based on the contention that the prevalence of suffering is logically incompatible with an … Continue reading Divine Command Theory and The Problem of Evil

Is There a Theological Defeater for Anthropogenic Global Warming?

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Professor Craig Nicholson - director of the MS program in sustainability science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst – give a series of talks to a group of Yale graduate students on the role of the Christian scholar in secular academia. While his chief aim in these presentations … Continue reading Is There a Theological Defeater for Anthropogenic Global Warming?